Status of Florida Health Insurance

The situation of Florida health insurance is generally in a bad shape as children and the aged whom are the most vulnerable to diseases have not been properly catered for under Florida health insurance schemes over the years. This has become very bad up to the extent that data mined indicate that Florida health insurance is the least supportive to patients in the whole of the United States, after Texas which is viewed as the worst.

It means that the government has not been supportive towards Florida health insurance with research studies noting that the probability of uninsured children and the aged to die in hospital is 60 percent greater than their covered counterparts. Hospitals have been known to turn our uninsured patients with critical and life threatening ailments. Over the years, this had brought about a sad commentary on the state of Florida health insurance, though the government seems to be taking some strong steps towards addressing this issue.

The steps we shall look at below were put in place to improve the Florida health insurance situation and provide affordable plans to the citizens. It also went further to improve the overall image of the state as a caring one and come to the aid those who were uninsured.

To boost Florida health insurance, the State is currently seeking for funds from the Federal Government and private institutions in order to be able to effectively monitor and regulate health insurance practitioners within the State of Florida. Based on this and with effect from September 2010, health insurers within the State have been mandated not to turn people away when they get sick, by cancelling their insurance. This will only be possible of any fraudulent act can be proven against the insured person.

If such a case occurs and the insured party feels very strongly about it, California health insurance laws allow the insured party to make appeals and further strengthening of this Act is ongoing up until 2014 when insurers will be completely prevented from excluding coverage for pre-existing health problems. An office has been set up to ensure that these aspects of the California health insurance scheme are properly handled.

Going forward, it seems there are better days ahead for the California health insurance scheme and we should be able to feel the changes in a few years. But this will increase the confidence of citizens and keep their minds at peace with regards to their health needs.

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